About Us

scott miller

My beginnings came from high school, horticulture class during my junior and senior years at Ferris High School. I was inspired by the feel of the greenhouse and soil bench. Pruning became my focus from the study of bonsai. Observation of the master John Naka.
The natural shape of a wild plant harvested off a steep cliff in Japan. Then potted and nurtured, for years to preserve its original structure. I veered to the landscape. My understanding of plants, natural structure and respect I have for them became my passion and inspiration to establish Star Pruners.

Bonsai is a manipulation of the plant’s structure to maintain the shape. I don’t manipulate, I cut to re-establish the plant’s growth pattern. I use my eyes throughout the entire pruning sequence for each plant, shrub or tree.

I’ve cared for many homes and commercial properties in and around Spokane County over the last 3 decades with respect and honor for the living plant.

Scott Miller - Star Pruners