Frequently Asked Questions

Lawns & Fertilizing
When do you fertilize lawns?
We fertilize over major holidays including:

  • Memorial Day
  • 4th of July
  • Labor Day
  • Late Fall (for a beautiful spring green)
What can I do to get rid of it and help the grass to flourish? Do I need to replace the lawn?
This is not as bad as it looks! We can encourage the lawn to overpower the moss, instead of replacing it, and we have a few organic\natural special techniques to share.
What is Star Pruners Philosophy about organic versus chemical applications?
We use organic applications as often as possible. However, sometimes a task demands chemical applications in moderation.
Landscape & Garden
If my yard seems overgrown, what options do I have? I don't want to start over!
You have many options! Overgrowth can be tamed, and we would love to look at your yard with you to determine how you use your space. Together, we can come up with ideas for taming the wilderness.
If I don't want to re-landscape my whole yard, can you still help me?
Our experts can help you decide what plants or hardscape need to go and what can stay or be pruned. We happily take the smaller jobs as well as the full redesigns!
Arbor Vitae
If I have an Arbor Vitae hedge or just a few stand alone shrubs that have been damaged by the heavy weather, can they be repaired?
We can come over and let you know what we can do for them. Usually they are repairable by tying and cleaning them out. We will usually need to shorten them to get in to do the deep cleaning, but they will grow back fine.  We usually don’t  have to remove them.
When do you typically prune?
  • Trees – during the dormant season (November-March)
  • Flowering Shrubs – after they bloom
  • Evergreen Shrubs – anytime they need it
  • Perennials – after they bloom
How does Star Pruners prune?
We prune with hand tools for the most part. Sometimes we need to fire up the chainsaw, but for the most part you won’t hear anything at all.
How does Star Pruners charge?
We come out and estimate the total time it will take to complete the work in hours and agree to a fee.
Do you offer free estimates?
Yes, absolutely!  Contact us for a consultation.
If I help will that lower the fee?
Our customers are always welcome to be included in the project, however that doesn’t lower the fee.  If you desire to help, then the fee is adjusted to accommodate the assistance.
Can we hire Star Pruners to consult with ideas, design, and planning?
Yes! Contact us for a consultation.